Author: Sara Kendall

Sara Kendall

Dr. Sara Kendall is a lecturer (assistant professor) at the University of Kent, where she teaches international law and co-directs the Centre for Critical International Law. She is also an associated researcher at the Vrije Universiteit's Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law. She completed her doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley's interdisciplinary Rhetoric department with training from Berkeley Law School's Center for the Study of Law and Society. She has a decade of experience researching the contextual aspects of international criminal law interventions, with a focus on the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the International Criminal Court. At Leiden University she participated in the four-year NWO-funded research project 'Post-Conflict Justice', focusing on the role of the ICC in Kenya and Uganda, which she is currently developing into a book. She has published on victim participation at the ICC, the political economy of international criminal law, domestic political effects of the ICC in Kenya, and legal 'hybridity' at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Her work has appeared in the Journal of International Criminal Justice, the Leiden Journal of International Law, Law and Contemporary Problems, and Law, Culture and the Humanities. An edited volume, entitled Contested Justice: the Politics and Practice of International Criminal Court Interventions (co-edited with Christian De Vos and Carsten Stahn), is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.